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DHL is one of the largest and most successful logistics and delivery companies in the world. Operating in more than 220 countries and territories around the globe, DHL provides mail, courier and freight services to residential and commercial customers. It is now possible to track parcels being delivered by DHL using the simply Tracking USA online tool.

DHL Tracking, Live Track and Trace Service

Tracking DHL Shipments

DHL Tracking - Copyrights by DHL

DHL Tracking – Copyrights by DHL

The continued growth of internet shopping has resulted in an expansion of global logistics networks and companies around the world. Buying goods is now a simple matter of clicking some links and providing credit card details. However, it can be hard to keep track of multiple shipments when they are being delivered by several different delivery companies. But it is now easy to track your DHL packages and shipments on the Tracking USA website. Our user-friendly design makes things very simple. Enter the DHL tracking number and then click the ‘Track Now’ link, and you will be updated on the status and location of your shipment. It’s as simple as that! The Tracking USA website can be accessed anywhere in the world, and on almost any internet-connected devices. And the entire service is completely free to use.

It is possible to track DHL Express shipments very easily on the Tracking USA website. All that is needed is a DHL tracking number, but it is also possible to track the status of pending deliveries by contacting DHL customer service. The online tool that DHL provides allows for the tracking of up to 10 shipments at once. You can check on the status and location of consignments by using the DHL ActiveTracing tool – all you need is a DHL order code, reference number, consignment ID of licence plate. Among the other ways to track shipments are DHL Express SMS, DHL Speed Tracking and DHL eTrack.

About DHL

DHL takes its name from the first letter of the last names of each founder: Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robery Lynn. Founded in San Francisco in 1969, DHL began relatively modestly by shipping cargo documents between San Francisco and Hawaii. This service – which was initially provided by a single plane – allowed customs procedures to begin in advance of the arrival of shipments. It was DHL that also pioneered express international air delivery services.

During the 1970s, DHL underwent a rapid period of expansion. New services were launched along the Pacific Rim, and among the main destinations serviced by DHL at this time were Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Services were expanded to Europe in 1974, and by 1978, deliveries and pick-ups were being made in Africa, Latin America and Australia. Up until 1979, DHL specialized in the deliver of documents, but its service expanded to parcel delivery with great success. DHL became the first express delivery company to operate in China, after an agreement was reached with the Chinese government.

Deutsche Post AG was founded in 1995, and by 1998 the huge German logistics company had acquired a minority stake in DHL. A formal merger was completed in 2002, which protected the jobs of the 71,000 DHL Worldwide Express employees at the time. The Deutsche Post logistics services were branded as DHL in 2003. Deutsche Post DHL is now one of the largest logistics companies in the world. Worldwide parcel deliveries are provided by DHL, and extensive mail services are provided under the Deutsche Post brand in Germany. By 2013, the company had an annual turnover in excess of 55 billion euros, and it employed more than 400,000 people across the world.

The Divisions of DHL

DHL HQ  - Copyrights by DHL

DHL HQ – Copyrights by DHL

DHL Global Forwarding is part of the company’s forwarding and freight division, and it provides a range of transport and logistics services. Employing more than 32,000 people in 150 different territories, this division delivers around 4 million tons of airfreight every year. It also delivers nearly three million tons of freight by sea every year. The DHL Global Forwarding Division has more than 850 branches around the world.

DHL Freight is one of the leading road freight operators in Europe. Providing FTL (full truck load) services to the B2B industry, DHL Freight offers heavy freight and logistics solutions via its network of 180 terminals around the world. The company, and its 14,000 employees, make more than 5 million FTL deliveries to businesses every year.

DHL Express is the division of DHL that is responsible for the door-to-door delivery of time-sensitive or valuable documents and parcels in markets all over the world. With a fleet of more than 250 aircraft, DHL Express served an estimated 2.7 million people from its Bonn, Germany headquarters in 2013. This huge division employs nearly 100,000 people, and its aircraft operate out of more than 500 airports around the world. More than 31,000 road vehicles make deliveries to businesses and residential properties in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

DHL Express offers both a domestic and international service that guarantees fast delivery by a given time and date. The services also include everything needed for the safe and speedy delivery of parcels and packages, including envelops, boxes, stationary and other related materials. There are next-day delivery services available for both morning and afternoon deliveries — although requesting deliveries by 9:00 a.m. is more expensive that the standard service provided.

The DHL International Express service includes some same-day and next-day services. DHL Jetline guarantees that a shipment will be on the next available flight to any destination in the world. DHL Sprintline provides the same emergency, time-critical service by truck. DHL Secureline is a door-to-door delivery service for high-value goods.

Heavy freight is is delivered by the DHL Supply Chain Division. Employing in excess of 135,000 people, this market leading service provider uses well over 2,000 terminals, warehouses and offices to provide reliable delivery services in more than 60 territories around the world. DHL Supply chain also providers contract logistics and IT solutions, which include warehouse management, managed transport services and value-added services. All of these solutions are tailor-made for each individual client.

Deutsche Post is one of the largest mail services in the world. Specializing in the delivery of letters and parcels to more than 40 million households, 3.7 million businesses and 2 million retail outlets, Deutsche Post is a respected service provider that has become a market leader in Germany. The network includes 33 parcel centers, more than 80 mail centers and well over 26,000 retail outlets. During 2013, it was estimated that Deutsche Post handled more than 64 million letters and 3.4 million parcels every day. DHL Global Mail deals with the deliver of letters and small packages to businesses and residential properties around the world. Operating more than 30 sales offices and 25 processing centers, DHL Global Mail currently employs around 2,000 people. Sub-divisions of DHL Global Mail include the Dialogue Marketing Unit, Parcel Germany and the Press Services Unit.

MyDHL Express

DHL Delivery - Copyrights by DHL

DHL Delivery – Copyrights by DHL

MyDHL Express is an online service that allows customers to ship, track and import packages and documents using the DHL Express service. Customers are able to manage their own information, choose shipping preferences, track the status of their shipments and perform many more different tasks related to the delivery and receipt of packages. The flexibility and comprehensive features of the MyDHL service means that businesses and individuals can use it. Business customers can take advantage of a range of added functionality, including the ability to consolidate different accounts in one place and arrange the necessary legal documentation required for importing and exporting goods.

There are some extra online tools that can be very useful to both businesses and individuals. For example, DHL IntraShip is an online tool that allows customers to process all their shipments in one place. Users can share key data with a colleague, which includes the name and address of the shipper, recipient lists and historical data pertaining to shipments made from the account. It is also possible to create new shipments, download important shipping documents, and arrange pick-ups and track deliveries.

DHL Express account holders have the chance to use DHL ProView, which is a real-time tracking service that notifies a user when various stages of delivery have been completed. Users are sent a notification when a shipment has been picked up and received by the addressee. These real-time updates can be received by SMS or email. It is also possible to download and print shipping documents for up to 2,000 different accounts.

DHL Service Point

As well as providing exceptional door-to-door delivery services, DHL also uses Service Points to make life easier for its customers. Documents and parcels can be dropped off or picked up at thousands of DHL Service Points throughout the continental United States. These Service Points are strategically located around the country — at shopping malls, in retail stores and major transport hubs. Instead of waiting for a delivery driver to pick up a parcel, you can simply drop it off at a DHL Service Point, and have it delivered the same day. Similarly, you can arrange to have shipments delivered to these Service Points instead of your home, which could be very handy if you’re at work or on vacation when your deliveries are due.

The DHL ActiveTracing Mobile App

DHL ActiveTracing App - Copyrights by DHL

DHL ActiveTracing App – Copyrights by DHL

There is a user-friendly mobile app that makes the DHL ActiveTracing service accessible anywhere in the world. Users can track shipments with the push of a button using an Apple iOS, Google Android or BlackBerry device. However, users also have the opportunity to track their shipments by simply scanning a barcode – with the camera of any leading smartphone. It is possible to send links to customers and addresses that detail the progress of shipments, and users can organize their shipment information and contacts into favorite lists – greatly speeding up the process of processing shipments in the future.

Careers & Jobs at DHL

Careers at DHL - Copyrights by DHL

Careers at DHL – Copyrights by DHL

There are opportunities for employment throughout DHL. As well as positions in support and operations roles. There are always opportunities for experienced managers, professionals and entrepreneurs. DHL currently operates a student scheme that includes vital work experience. And candidates who have already acquired their education can apply for employment with DHL through the DHL Graduate Program. There are also internships available at every level of this multinational operation. New recruits receive training on-site, as well as via the online training portal.

The vast majority of positions available at DHL are based on the many services centers throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. There are presently vacancies in airports, seaports, warehouses and retail outlets — in a range of different fields. Among the many different operations roles DHL currently have to off are pilots, couriers, delivery drivers, customer service operatives, administrators, engineers and sales professionals. There are also management positions available at present — in the fields of IT, logistics, marketing, public relations, legal, real estate, facility management, network planning and transport.

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