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EMS is a global postal service that also goes by the Name ‘Express Mail Service’. This cooperative organization delivers documents merchandise on behalf of members of the Universal Postal Union. The Universal Postal Union – or UPU – is an inter-governmental body that operates a universal network of delivery services that reaches more than 200 territories around the world. There are currently 191 members of the UPU, and they all rely on EMS to provide a comprehensive delivery service throughout the world.

EMS Tracking, Live Track and Trace Service

Tracking USA makes tracking parcels and letters sent via EMS and exceptionally easy process. Your parcel or item of mail will have a 13-digit item number associated with it. If you don’t have a reference number, you will be able to obtain one from the sender of your shipment. Just enter the tracking code in the ‘Tracking Number’ box, and then click the ‘Track now!’ button. After that you will be able to see the location and status of your shipment.

The growth of EMS

EMS Tracking - Copyrights by EMS

EMS Tracking – Copyrights by EMS

EMS began operating its services in 1980, and while growth has been relatively slow, there have been some significant advances in the organization’s services in recent years. EMS is now offering next -day services in domestic markets, guaranteed deliveries to international markets, parcel pick-up services, faster delivery times and a real-time tracking service. Since EMS launched its tracking service, its growth has quickened quite substantially. More than 5 million shipments are processed on the EMS platform every day, and that number is rising. The EMS call center can handle up to 70,000 customer queries in a single hour, which customers can get status and location updates whenever they want, as well as information on various service issues.

Projects and activities of EMS

There have been several activities and projects within EMS in recent years, including the Audit and Measurement Program. This initiative measures the effectiveness and efficiency of postal services around the work, whether they are a member of the EMS cooperative or not. Audit reports on these services are published on a quarterly and annual basis. These in-depth reports give the organizations in question a chance to assess and improve their own services. They also allow businesses and individuals to compare different services in advance.

EMS also performs on-site performance reviews of staff, facilities and infrastructure of all its members. It then works with those members to identify improvements. There is also staff training for all full members, which gives workers and management around the world an in-depth insight into EMS systems and procedures. Members of EMS have access to the Rugby-GlobalCSS, which is an international customer service system that deals with customer enquiries relating to all EMS members.

EMS China

EMS provides an extensive service throughout China, which includes all of the main cities. However, recent improvements to the organization’s infrastructure means that the rural areas of China are now within reach of EMS network. Although the available services from EMS are not quite up to the standard of other major couriers, EMS does allow companies and individuals all over the world to access the huge Chinese market. EMS offers its customers a ‘track and trace’ service, which pinpoints the status and location of a parcel being delivered within just a few seconds.

EMS Worldwide

EMS operates many different subsidiaries throughout the world, with most of them bearing the distinctive EMS branding. In the United States, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has access to the EMS network, and in the UK ParcelForce is the partner. National postal services and parcel delivery companies combine to share their infrastructure and services as part of the EMS global network.

EMS Pricing

EMS has pioneered a range of services in recent years to ensure that customers all over the world receive a consistently good service. EMS networks now reach rural areas around the world, and they don’t apply prohibitive pricing structures for the use of these services. Unfortunately, due to the cooperative nature of EMS, there is no easy way to gain access to global pricing structures. You should therefore check the partner delivery service in your country in order to find the cost of sending documents and parcels via EMS. In the United States, the partner service is the United States Postal Service. Your chosen delivery service will be able to provide you with an EMS tracking number, as well as an estimate for your delivery.

Services currently offered by EMS

EMS Express  - Copyrights by EMS

EMS Express – Copyrights by EMS

There are several world-class delivery services now on offer from EMS, and they are all guaranteed – wherever in the world shipments shipped from. For instance, the Express Mail Service delivered by EMS ensures the safe and timely delivery of small parcel and letters to more than 190 countries and territories around the world. This is the most cost-effective service offered by EMS, and it is also the most popular amongst small businesses and individuals. The Priority Mail Service has been designed to ensure time-sensitive deliveries of merchandise and letters in more than 190 countries and territories in the world. This particular service takes priority over all the other delivery services currently being offered by EMS.

Post Office Deliveries

EMS has a working relationship with post offices around the world. Businesses and individuals can enjoy the speed and convenience of being able to send documents and merchandise around the world from post office counters in more than 190 countries and territories. This incredible reach ensures that EMS has access to the largest number of access points of any delivery service in the world. Thanks to partnerships with national delivery services all over the world, EMS also has the largest last-mile delivery coverage in the world.

Customer Benefits offered by EMS

EMS has gained something of a reputation for stellar customer service and efficiency, and its customers can access a range of benefits and services that aren’t available from smaller services. For example, it is possible to send or receive and EMS package at post offices around the world. It is also possible for pick-ups and deliveries to be processed at the premises of customers. Packages sent with EMS are given priority-handling status from the moment they are accepted to the time they are dropped off at their final destination. EMS offers end-to-end tracking options, and the ability to verify that shipments have arrived at their final destination with the checking of an addressee’s signature. Of course, the details of each service depend on the local postal operator in the countries of transit.

What makes EMS unique?

EMS is unique because it is a cooperative, rather than a for-profit company. Operated by members of the EMS cooperative, EMS is a specialized agency of the United Nations, and utilizes the networks and services of member postal companies in order to provide businesses and individuals with a truly global service.

Since its inception in 1980, EMS has been working to standardize working practices of all its members. EMS is not a private company, nor does it have any form of legal status. It is an organization operated by national postal services from around the world.

The EMS Unit works on behalf of full members of EMS from its base – the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union in Berne, Germany. Membership of EMS is on a voluntary basis, and there are currently more than 170 operators with full membership status – covering 90% of global traffic managed by EMS.

Careers & Jobs at EMS

EMS is committed to training and development in all of the global markets is operates in. EMS is a cooperative, so it doesn’t directly employee people. However, employees from its 190 members work with the organization to ensure standardized practices and excellent customer service. According to the EMS website, training and symposia are priorities for the cooperative, as these principles strengthens the organization — and its individual members. Training initiatives run by EMS are designed to improve marketing, customer care, and operational procedures delivered by all members. There are training workshops aimed at developing understanding of EMS goals and best practices, and various workshops concentrate on improving communications and identifying common problems experienced by member organizations. These training seminars and classes have been held in countries all over the world in recent years, including Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Berne in Switzerland, Brasilia in Brazil and Bangkok in Thailand.

EMS tracking services in other countries:

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